We develop and manufacture organic cosmetics in Provence. We prefer to use ingredients of natural origin and organic ingredients to offer formulas that are both effective and of impeccable composition.

Organic anti-ageing skincare

The Pur’Immortelle range is formulated in Provence with Organic Immortelle essential oil, a rare and precious anti-ageing ingredient. This range combines active ingredients renowned for slowing the appearance of wrinkles, such as hyaluronic acid and Evening Primrose and Argan oils. It provides regenerating skin care with a lifting effect. A real plant-based fountain of youth!

Organic restorative skincare

The Api’Propolis range celebrates a treasure from the beehive renowned for its anti-inflammatory and repairing properties: Propolis. This resin, secreted by bees to protect the hive, is rich in polyphenols, bioflavonoids with strong antioxidant properties. Propolis is therefore an ideal protective ingredient for problem skin.

Organic moisturisers

Formulated with fresh, pure, native Aloe Vera juice, the products in the Lov’Aloe organic cosmetics range care for sensitive, dry skin. A natural source of antioxidants, Aloe Vera is a plant that is composed mainly of water. It deeply and gently moisturises the skin. Long live Vera!

Soothing organic skincare

Lavender, the emblematic flower of Provence, is renowned for its soothing properties. The Foli’Lavande range subtly combines all the nuances of lavender: essential oil, macerate and hydrolate to offer you a very gentle skin care range. Treat yourself to a Provençal getaway!

Organic baby skincare

Fri’Mousse organic skincare products are suitable for babies, children, pregnant and breast-feeding women. Formulated with gentle, natural active ingredients, these organic skincare products respect even the most sensitive skin. They cleanse, soothe, moisturise and protect fragile skin. Fri’mousse, organic skincare for everyone!

Organic solid cosmetics

Discover our range of So’Cacao organic solid cosmetics. Formulated with Organic Cocoa Butter, these water-free cosmetics are perfect for a zero waste, ecological and economical look. And their incomparable chocolate flavour makes you want to bite into them. Will you be able to resist?

Organic suncare range

Our range of organic suncare products lets you enjoy the sun with complete peace of mind. Discover our range of titanium-free organic SPF 50 sun creams, our organic after-sun gel with Aloe Vera or our shimmering oil with natural pearl. The organic skincare products in the Hélios suncare range protect the environment and your skin!