Trace Element Preparations Range

Bioligo, expert in oligotherapy, has dedicated its know-how to your health and proposes arrange of 17 trace element complexes combined with plants. This range of POEs (trace element preparations) works gently, offering real overall benefits, by ensuring imbalances are prevented and by reviving biological functions. Discover our whole range here below:

  • POE N°1 FUCUS SEAWEED – DANDELION: Excess weight – Overall condition
  • POE N°2 DANDELION – BLACK RADISH: Digestion – Drainage
  • POE N°3 PRUNE: Smooth transit
  • POE N°4 CARROT – ACEROLA: Antioxidant
  • POE N°5 BLACKCURRANT: Skin hypersensitivity
  • POE N°6 WATERCRESS: Tiredness – Weaknesses – Iron deficiency
  • POE N°7 ORANGE BLOSSOM: Mood booster – Soothing – Sleep booster
  • POE N°8 JUNIPER: Drainage – Elimination
  • POE N°9 CHLORELLA: Detoxification
  • POE N°10 MEADOWSWEET: Joints
  • POE N°11 HYPERICUM: Mood booster – Sleep booster
  • POE N°12 RED VINE: Balance – Helps circulation
  • POE N°13 NETTLE: Hair, bone, nail remineralisation
  • POE N°14 SAGE: Strengthens vitality – Natural defences
  • POE N°15 MENOLIGO – YAM: Male and female age change
  • POE N°16 DRAINOLIGO: Overall drainer – Weight maintainer
  • POE N°17 SPORTOLIGO – GINSENG: Provides energy – Recovery

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