Oligovital range, trace element complexes combined with plants

Bioligo, expert in oligotherapy, has dedicated its know-how to the health of our animal friends and proposes arrange of 8 trace element complexes combined with plants. This Oligovital range works gently, at the earliest possible stage, by ensuring imbalances are prevented, by making up for deficiencies and by soothing symptoms that may be felt.

  • Oligovital N°1: Joints
  • Oligovital N°2: Remineralisation – Skin
  • Oligovital N°3: Natural defences
  • Oligovital N°4: Digestion
  • Oligovital N°5: Reproduction
  • Oligovital N°6: Itching
  • Oligovital N°7: Stress
  • Oligovital N°8: Overall condition, healthy coat

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