5 Saisons Organic Energizing Elixirs

Our Organically-certified Élixirs Énergétiques (Energizing Elixirs) are the fruit of 15 years of research. They are dietary supplements that are entirely of plant origin. Their originality lies in the combination of various ways of preparing plants (known as multi-galenic forms) and in their infinitesimal dosing. We are here to help you understand our 5 Saisons Élixirs Énergétiques (Energetic Elixirs) and to teach you how they can help you, based on the mood you are in, on your usual or transitory lack of energy, or just simply to boost your overall energy, your health and your wellbeing, by using them as seasonal cures throughout the year.
Why 5 Saisons (5 seasons)?
Simply because since Ancient times in China, in acupuncture and in Chinese energy precepts in general, we talk about, not four, but five seasons:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Summer’s end
  • Autumn
  • Winter

Here, at 5 Saisons, we have drawn our inspiration from this and have developed a range of 10 Organically-certified Élixirs Énergétiques (Energetic Elixirs). The first-ever dietary supplements intended as “energizing”, they are based on highly-specific Chinese energy theories and, in particular, on two fundamental laws, namely the “Law of Five Elements” and the “Law of Yin and Yang”. We propose our Energizing Elixirs in various galenic forms: hydro-alcoholic glycerine extracts, essential oils, floral waters, floral elixirs (Bach, Californian and others) and maple sap.

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