5 Saisons

Working hand-in-hand with Yves Réquéna, French doctor specialized in acupuncture and renowned as one of the pioneers of Qigong in Europe, Pascal Leroy became involved in creating products which focused on the body’s energy, as described by the ancient Chinese. In particular, the fundamental role that ancestral life energy, sexual energy and energy produced by food plays in providing us with good health and, ultimately, their ability to flow freely through energy channel networks known as meridians. Inspired by a more holistic view of naturopathy, the Propos’Nature Laboratory wished to incorporate 5 Saisons’ products and has become, as such, its exclusive distributor in France.

Our values

« 5 Saisons » wishes to ensure you thoroughly enjoy all the benefits of its natural active ingredients. All our products are made with constant respect for life and the environment, with ingredients that are ingeniously dosed to obtain optimal active ingredient concentrations in the products.

Our commitments

We ensure that all our products are of premium quality right from our responsible manufacturing process. Our high standards of quality are based on a series of rigorous controls taking into account incoming raw materials through to outgoing end products. Our products are never tested on animals and are organically certified by the Bureau Véritas Group.

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